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By Ben Locket

On 23, Aug 2016 | In | By Ben Locket

Curzon Cinema Ident – In Cinema version

Launched at Curzon Soho as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations and now Curzons ident before each theatrical release in cinemas The Plant created a a choreographed orb of swinging lights using a physical set that resulted in an atmospheric ident which was immediately inspiring. I decided to create a piece of music that would compliment the pictures by using detuned bass, analogue synths and treated guitars from various microphone perspectives with a 5.1 mix in mind. Jim White from The Dirty Three came onboard as I knew his ethereal drumming would be a perfect compliment to the graceful movement of the lights shifting across the screen revealing the Curzon logo.
UK release in all Curzon Cinemas
Mixed in 5.1 and stereo at De lane Lea studios London