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11th November 2021

Mixing New Tala Vala record for release in mid 2022

02 September 2021

Finishing off a directors cut commercial for Partizan and SKY . Directed by Pete Candeland

02 August 2021

Strings session in Budapest !

24th November 2020

Tala Vala will be releasing the new record in Feb 2021. via Forte Distribution and a special DINKED release

23rd September 2020

Final, overdubs at Air Edel Studios in London today for a Disney + title sequence.

2nd September 2020

Recording drums today for a new documentary on Disney +

27th AUGUST 2020

Choir recording in Bulgaria today for a new pilot series on HULU

30th May 2020

Ep completed for TramWorks label ..release date TBC

1st April 2020

Tala Vala masters have returned from Electric mastering. Pressing and release is on hold due to Covid-19.

15th March 2020

Ive started writing for an Ep for the Village Green/Tramworks label with this thing !

31st January 2020

Mix for the new Tala Vala record begins at Masterchord Studios

December 17 2019

Recording the Tippett Quartet today at Angel Studios at one their last sessions. Sadly Angel Studios will be closing it doors at Christmas for the last time.

9th July 2019

EP written, recorded, mixed and ready for release for Tramworks label. Release date TBC

15th March 2019

Love Death and Robots is released today on Netflix. I worked on Zima Blue directed by Rob Valley

20th February 2019 

Work begins on a new film due for release later this year.

23rd January 2019 

John and I have just done a radio interview down at Soho Radio discussing the new Tala Vala album

17 January  2019

Tala Vala’s new album Sarha is released …available now on iTunes and Spotify and on a limited 1st pressing Lp at …

21 December 2018 

recording drums at Sing Sing in Melbourne…great studio if your’e down that way

01 September 2018 

Finished Season 6 of Gumball.  240 Episodes and some 300 cues later. End of an era !

15th June 2018 

Just signed on for a new Netflix short film…

21st May 2018

The Tala Vala album is finished and getting mastered!


8th May 2018 

My Revolting Rhymes score is now available via iTunes and Spotify 

30th April 2018 

Back to Angel studios today for some string and brass overdubs for Tala Vala’s album.

12th February 2018

Revolting Rhymes performed live in London at the Royal Festival Hall with the Southbank Sinfonia. Final Rehearsals !

26th January

Revolting Rhymes has been nominated for an Oscar for Best short !

January 10th 2018

Revolting Rhymes will be screening at the Royal Festival Hall in London and performed by the Southbank Sinfonia.

December 15th 2017

Recording at British Grove Studios  for a new short film produced by Passion Pictures

Novemeber  26th 2017

Revolting Rhymes wins a BAFTA !

October 25th 2017

Revolting Rhymes and The Amazing World of Gumball have been nominated for a BAFTA ..

October 10th 2017

Won ‘Best Original Score’ at the Sapporo Japanese Short Film Festival for my score on Roald Dahls Revolting Rhymes

August 4th 2017

Setup begins for a big band session at Angel Studios London

28th July 

Mixing today at Air Studios London for the upcoming  score release of Revolting Rhymes.

May 6th 2017

Revolting Rhymes had its world premiere in Dublin at the National Concert Hall on Saturday. Three screenings with orchestral accompaniment conducted by Terry Davies.

May 1st 2017 

Revolting Rhymes will have its live premiere  in Dublin on the 5th of May

Feb 22nd 2017

In Melbourne recording 2 new tracks at Sing Sing

13th October 2016 

Recording Roald Dahls Revolting Rhymes score down at British Grove

01 August 2016

Signed on to score Roadl Dahls Revolting Rhymes to be released for Christmas.

17 July 2016  

Finished a piece for Curzon Cinemas  to be released at the end of September. Recorded in Glasgow at Gorbals Sound..  what a beautiful studio

16th of March 2016

I recently did an interview on composing music for Gumball and animation.

12th of March 2016

26th of January 2016 

A busy  year! So busy that I didn’t update a thing.  Season 4 of Gumball is pretty much complete.  There has been plenty of work outside of that too plus I have also just begun working on an album and Im not sure what direction that will take yet…

01 of January 2015

Two animated short films for Nickelodeon almost finished !

17th of December 2014

Recording session in Budapest

Budapest rec1

24th of October 2014

The promo for season 2 of Gumball I worked on has been nominated for a BAFTA ..fingers crossed : )


12th of June 2104

Trailer music  finished for a feature special of Fireman Sam.

29th April of  2014

Orchestral session  is taking place for season three of The Amazing World of Gumball.


12th of February  2014

Crikey ! Nominated for Best title sequence / Theme song at the UK Music and Sound Awards

12th of November  2013

Picked up a Silver award at the Promax 2013 awards on Friday for ‘The Gumball Song’.   Best Childrens Promo Clip

7th  of August 2013

So it’s been a busy couple of months and certainly a varied one.  Currently working on a track for Paul Smith and Sony.  Also been recording some renaissance music on  four recorders.  If only they’d stay in tune 🙂

Also a Big Band piece for Gumball.  I was knee deep in brass arrangement hell. The geek in me loved that though.

16th of June 2013

Just received the final mix back from Germany recorded by the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester.  A 60 piece Orchestra conducted by Bernd Ruf. 

15th of May 2013.

I have been working on a pilot series for Channel 4 recently.  Well the music is all finished now and  I can’t say too much but the show has come up really well I think .  Here’s hoping it get greenlit…

23 April 2013

Received the final mix of some new orchestral music recorded in Berlin by the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt ( state owned orchestra of Berlin) and conducted by Bernd Ruf. 

Thank you to all the musicians and everyone involved.

19th of April 2013

Music for latest Canon campaign all wrapped up. Also I’ve just finished writing some music for a pilot episode for a brand new series which is quite exciting and has been great fun to work on.

11th of April 2013 

Music for Season 2 of The Amazing World of Gumball finished!

26th of March 2013

Music for full Orchestra being recorded today..fingers crossed.


12th of Feb 2013 Emmy Awards

The Amazing World of Gumball has up picked the Emmy Award for Best Animated TV Series for Kids TV in NYC over the weekend.  Meanwhile I am two episodes away from completing the 2nd Season…almost there!

21st of Jan 2013 Recording all finished and mixed in Berlin

Just before Christmas  I wrote some music which was recorded by a 66 piece orchestra, The “Brandenburgisches Staatsorcheste” the state owned Orchestra in Berlin.  A big thanks to David Christiansen and all the musicians and engineers.

4th Dec 2012 BAFTA and Annies


Been a while since Ive posted anything as I’m very busy with the 2nd season of Gumball  but The Amazing World of Gumball has recently won the 2012 Children’s BAFTA best Animation and Writing .  The show has also  been nominated at the 40th Annie Awards over in LA for Best Animated TV Show and Best Director.   Fingers crossed !

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